What is a Home Inspection?

In the process of Inspecting your home, Chuck will provide a non-invasive, non-intrusive visual Inspection, and will draw a conclusion as to whether any structural, mechanical or safety items/issues exist. Plan on being present during the Inspection, as Chuck will explain as he Inspects the outside and every room of the home. Keep in mind that this is a snapshot of the overall condition of the home at the time of the Inspection. Here are a few of the items to be Inspected:

The Home Inspection Process

Starting on the outside:
• Is the Landscaping pitched properly away from the base of the Home?
• Any uneven driveway or sidewalk areas that could be potential tripping issues? (Think about Grandma’s first visit or a little toddler.)
• Siding, windows, roofing – working or functioning properly? Life expectancy?
• Gutters and downspouts – open and functioning properly?
• Hose bibs “water spigot” – proper anti-cross-contamination device present?

• Electrical – Function of outlets and switches Panels and sub-panel wiring
• Mechanicals for serviceability and average life expectancy including the water heater, sump pump, furnace, air conditioner (weather permitting), and the serviceability of windows and doors

Structural components: from the foundation to the roof ridge.

• Smoke Detectors and CO2 Detectors
• GFCI outlet circuits at water locations
• and many more

A very detailed Home Inspection Report, with pictures will be emailed to you within just a few hours after the Inspection. Chuck is always available for any follow-up questions you may have.

Exterior Components

 Roof, Chimney, Flashings, Valleys
     Evidence of water penetration, materials and condition.

Siding, Trim, Exterior Windows and Storms
    General condition.

Gutters, Downspouts
General condition, effects of dampness in basement and the ability to carry off rainwater.

     Its effects on the foundation.

Driveways, Patios, Decks, Porches
     General condition.

Air Conditioner Compressor
    General condition.

Interior Components

Walls, Floors, Ceiling, Windows
     General condition.

     All visible fixtures, pipes and drains tested for operation.

    Outside entrance wiring, service panel and visible wiring, random          testing of outlets.

     Visible portion of heating system.

     Visible roof sheathing, ventilation, insulation and framing.

     Foundation soundness and evidence of moisture penetration.